Resident Dining Hall
The resident dining hall is where you can go to enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining. The resident dining hall offers all the comforts of a home cooked meal along with a variety of innovative American entrees, ethnically inspired foods, vegetarian selections and much more.

Terrace Café
The Terrace Café is located on the second floor of the Student Union Building.

Special diets prescribed by a physician can also be accommodated. Students should see the Dining Services manager for assistance. Please email for more information.

Yes there is take-out service. Your take-out service is designed for those students that have a class or job conflict and are not able to eat in the resident dining hall during regular hours of operation. If you require take-out services, students are asked to show a copy of their class\work schedule to the Office of Student Affairs at least 48 hours before the conflict for verification. Your name will then be passed on to dining services.

Students cannot pick up another students meal. Exceptions will be made for sick students with a note from the health center stating who would be picking up and for whom. If it is necessary to pick up your meal prior to meal time, a boxed meal can be prepared for early pickup. Please bring your schedule to the dining service manager 24 hours in advance to schedule pickup.

Yes, each school year there are positions available with Dining Service. We offer a great way to learn about your dining service, practice customer service and earn extra money, all around your available hours. We also offer internships in Marketing and Sustainability. Please contact your Dining Service Manager for more information.

Yes, students may bring guests with them to dine. Prices for guests are $11.50 per person. All guests may enter the seating area but must pay before entering the resident dining hall. Sharing food is not permitted for those who have not paid for a meal.